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Our Story

If you’re a time poor parent of time poor school age children, then you likely know the struggle of juggling busy meal times day in day out.

Hi, I'm Lisa Norgate, the founder of Cool Kidz' Mealz. As a dedicated Nurse, I am only too aware of the profound adverse implications a poor diet has on the health of children now and in the future and this should not be compromised. But HEY, we're all human right! Our family occasionally eats fast-food, particularly when I'm tired or at the end of a busy week. The daily grind of being time-poor, not to mention competing with the influences of food advertising targeted at children. Whilst having a coffee before heading off to work, I was observing what was being promoted on kids television.

Adds showing animated figures of Llamas eating hot-dogs, an animated milkshake using a straw as a Periscope and a horse that said "I'm a Unicorn" as an ice cream cone landed on its head!. Then often, children presented in fast food adds appear cool, good looking, sporty and popular. Many children aspire to this and hope to attain those traits by watching and emulating these apparent qualities in kids. How does one possibly compete and where to begin? As if this isn't enough to contend with, there's the dilemma of enticing the "fussy eater"!

Whilst perusing the supermarket shelves trying to find something healthy for kids dinners and an attempt to alleviate my own guilt, I noticed convenience meals for babies and toddlers were gaining momentum but there was NOTHING for older kids. Almost every product I found was was highly processed, full of fat, sugar and salt. There had to be an alternative other than fast-food being the go-to option for feeding  kids when there's seemingly no time, or they simply won't eat vegetables despite ones best efforts. Keeping delicious, healthy, nutritionally balanced convenience meals in the freezer that kids will happily eat on those occasions was a no-brainer. POW, the kids have just enjoyed lots of delicious smuggled in goodies their bodies thrive on.

Hence the Cool Kidz' Mealz revolution. The battle was over! When it proved successful at home, word got out into the community, primary schools and amongst my desperately time poor, shift working nursing colleagues and the idea of turning this into a business became viable. I decided to turn it into a consumer product where the iconic Cool Kidz' Mealz range was born.

Cool Kidz' Mealz are about making healthy choices easier and more enjoyable and we've alleviated your guilt. We are the first company to create satisfying portions of proper food for older kids with each meal weighing 350 grams.

Cool Kidz Mealz are prepared within a certified commercial kitchen, to the highest possible food preparation and packaging standards. Our meals are cooked in a manner that retains every essential nutrient. They are then flash frozen to lock in freshness and packaged in recyclable material.

Our Aussie owned and run business is genuine and unapologetically honest. Our product range is convenient, providing Wickedly Healthy and Wickedly Yum meals that the kids will demolish!


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