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finding reliable, engaging information about healthy living can be tricky...but we've got you covered!

Whether you want to dig into food advocacy or find a fun book for your kid, let Cool Kidz' Mealz point you in the right direction with our compilation of food-related reading material.



 Alice's Food A-Z: Edible Adventures-All the things you ever wanted to know about food and also some things you probably didn't!. Dip in and taste this edible adventure by Alice Zaslavsky. Packed to the brim with funny food facts, clever cooking tips and kid friendly recipes, this is a book for the fact-hungry, food obsessed or for those who like to mess about in the kitchen.



Stephanie Alexander-Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids tells the story of the beginnings of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden project from its first years at Collingwood up to the end of 2011. It records the challenges and the milestones experienced and offers practical advice to schools and communities interested in establishing their own kitchen garden. It also includes recipes that have all been cooked by the kitchen garden students in a format designed to encourage cooking with children either at home or in the classroom.




The Tale of Kale is based on a real story and a real kid, but is meant to be a colourful and happy way to encourage good eating habits, and develop excitement for trying new things. This children's picture book is for every parent who wants to get their kids eating a bigger variety of ingredients and meals. Andy does not like kale, white bean and kale soup or kale pizza. But one day, Andy's Mum buys a bag of kale chips from their favourite farmers' market and Andy, loving chips, asks to have some of them. Andy discovers how great they are, and from then on, opens his mind and mouth every time kale is served in any way. Parents will identify with the challenge of feeding kids healthier choices in varied forms. Educators will love the lesson of trying new things and having an open mind. Best of all, young readers will celebrate Andy's stubborn will, mischievous grin, and, maybe his love of kale.




Our gut is almost as important to us as our brain and yet we know very little about how it works. Gut:The Inside Story, is an entertaining, informative tour of the digestive system from the moment we raise a tasty morsel to our lips until the moment our body surrenders the remnants to the toilet bowl. No topic is too lowly for the author's wonder and imagination, from the careful choreography of breaking wind to the precise internal communication required for a cleansing vomit. Along the way, the author provides practical advice such as the best ways to sit on the toiet to have a comfortable bowel movement, how clean your kitchen should be for optimum gut health, and how different laxatives work.




Digestive Wellness for Children: How to Strengthen the Immune System & Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion, is a perfect primer for all parents who are interested in learning about, and supporting, their children's digestive health.





The Lost Art of Feeding Kids is a lively story of raising a child to enjoy real food in a processed world, and the importance of maintaining healthy food cultures.





"In more than 40 exuberant poems and "vandalised" photographs, A Moose Boosh introduces you to a  kid who fantasizes about farming on a stoop, a girl with crumpets and crepes in her head, and a boy with a pet cabbage. "Doctor Food" prescribes good food as medicine and "Dancing Kitchen" will have you shimmying with your skillet".






We Gather Together is a vibrant story of how people and animals prepare for the coming winter, plus the stories behind harvest-time celebrations throughout history and around the world.





Pumpkins: A Story for a Field, is a story of a man who harvests and sells a bountiful crop of pumpkins to help save a beloved field from developers who want to take it over.





"A simple and surprisingly fun way to change dinnertime reactions from "YUCK" to "YUM"! Getting to Yum is a practical and engaging guide for parents eager to get past their children's food resistance-or to avoid it altogether. The book introduces 7 Secrets of Raising Eager Eaters. )Secret 1: Teach your child to eat, just like you teach them to read! Secret 6: "Teach me to do it myself". Kid participation is every parent's secret weapon.)"




What's for Lunch gives us a good perspective on what's being served on kids plates around the world and that we need to remember how lucky we are to have such a variety. Food helps us bridge cultural gaps and bring people closer together. Eating is a political act that concerns us all.




French Kids Eat Everything: "How our family moved to France, cured picky eating, banned snacking, and discovered 10 simple rules for raising happy, healthy eaters"





Outside the Box: Why Our Children Need Real Food: "A lively, cross-cultural look at the way packaged and fast foods are marketed to our kids-and a meditation on how our eating habits and our family lives are being changed in the process".






Eat This! zooms in on fast food marketing to children-an immense industry worth billions of dollars. Andrea Curtis shows how fast food companies push their unhealthy food and beverages by embedding their sales pitches in everything from Snapchat filters to movies, from video games to school curriculum. An exploration of media, literacy and food literacy, Eat This! looks at what exactly marketing is and touches on the latest strategies aimed at kids, including product placement, advergames, cartoon and celebrity endorsements and school fundraising. On each page spread, Andrea Curtis provides research-based insights into all aspects of the fast-food industry and, perhaps more importantly, offers kids examples and ideas about how they can push back-taking charge of their own health and well-being.

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