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Cool Kidz' Mealz Celebrates National Nutrition Week!

Each year National Nutrition Week raises awareness of the role of food on our health and supports the community to enjoy healthy eating. National Nutrition Week always coincides with the United Nations' World Food Day.
In celebration of National Nutrition Week we decided to take a look at the evolution of the Australian Healthy Eating Pyramid and it is immediately clear how much we are learning about health and nutrition.
The Food Pyramid was first introduced to Australia in 1980 by Nutrition Australia and has seen fantastic success over the last 38 years proving to be an excellent educational tool.
The Cool Kidz' Mealz menu offers a range of meals which cover many of the current Healthy Eating Pyramid's recommendations from Pastas to rice, dairy, beans, fish, meat and even vegetable based meals. There is something for everyone!
In 1982, the Pyramid still warned us of consuming salt, but listed Margarine as a sometimes food!
The 1986 Pyramid aimed to simplify the Pyramid!
The Pyramid went unchanged until 1999 and started promoting drinking water!
In 2004, the Pyramid had a little makeover but the foods remained where they were. A stronger message for activity and exercise was brought in; changing the name to 'Healthy Living" rather than 'Healthy Eating'!
In 2007 there was a colour scheme change but remained relatively the same. It continued with the healthy living message by keeping the 'movement' message strong!
And finally in 2015, we had a brand new Pyramid! It's back to the 'Healthy Eating Pyramid'. It encourages herbs and spices, water and physical activity and brings us a new category of foods. We have seen an additional layer added, putting grains in a category of their own as well as meat and fish now being moved to the 'eat most' layer. In the past the Pyramid had listed butters, margarine's and sugars as an 'eat least of food' but now the Pyramid only directs us to healthy fats and as a food we should consume rarely!
For further information visit www.nutritionaustralia.org
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