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Free Range Kids! Happy Chickens Are Important To Us!

Could just be me but I feel like the Australorps combs are redder than usual!
We know many things about chickens. They are social, inquisitive and curious little creatures. They even love to move around, stretch their wings, perch and peck at things. Unfortunately though, a lot of the chickens we eat don't have these fundamental privileges.
Here are some stats and facts about caged hens from the RSPCA. Battery cages are made from wire which means that the chickens are permanently standing on wire. The floors slope downwards so the laid eggs can roll down to be collected. Because they aren't given perches, they have to stand on this sloped wire floor their entire lives with no respite. Cages are generally around 40 cm high with usually 4-9 hens per cage. Each hen has a space that's less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper which does not provide enough space for the birds to spread their wings, stretch or move around normally. Cages have a trough that provides food for the hens, which they can access by sticking their heads through the wire. This constant rubbing against the cage wires causes the birds to lose feathers on their neck and front.
Scientific research confirms that hens are sentient-they have the ability to feel and suffer. Thus, the hens' lack of ability to move freely and perform their natural behaviours, and the barren environment they live in, all mean that hens in battery cages suffer greatly. Physically, their muscles become very weak. The hen may even collapse and  become crippled as a result, an effect known as 'layer hen fatigue'. Their bones frequently fracture and break and they may even become paralysed due to spinal bone collapse.
We want the chickens you feed your children to come from healthy, happy chickens. Chickens that have foraged in the sunshine, played in the grass, and believe it or not, actually have feathers! That's why ALL the chicken and eggs you find in our food is free range. Check out our delicious cheeky chook and veg Risotto. Packed full of 1.4 serves of sneaky cauliflower, broccoli and peas, this delicious Risotto contains free range chicken, softly cooked Arborio rice and a yummy helping of 4 different cheeses.
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