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Help Cool Kidz Mealz Rescue Food Insecure Families!

So what is "Food Insecurity" I hear you ask? Food insecurity is defined as "a situation that exists when people lack secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active healthy life".
Despite Australia's reputation as "the lucky country", the issue of hunger exists but is largely unnoticed and shockingly it is often that Australia's youth go hungry.
According to the Foodbank Hunger Report, 2017, young Australian's, including children are more likely to experience food insecurity than the general population. 40% of households experiencing food insecurity are families with dependent children and 89% of these children are very young (0-12 years old). Shockingly, some of these children are going the whole day without eating.
When families are faced with food insecurity, meal skipping is common place for parents, meaning the difference between their children having something to eat or going hungry. 46% of parents have skipped a meal so that their children can eat in instances where they have been unable to afford food. Children can also miss out on vital nutrition and 17% of parents report their children go without fresh fruit or vegetables in times of food insecurity.
Not having enough to eat can severely impact everyday functioning and well-being. Food insecure Australian's most commonly report lethargy or tiredness, a decline in mental health and a lack of confidence due to lack of food. Not having enough food can also influence a person's ability to create and maintain social connections. More than a quarter of Australian's report that in times where they have run out of food and are not able to afford more, they have been unable to invite friends or family over.
These statistics deeply sadden and concern us here at Cool Kidz Mealz so we have begun the challenge to help those families with rumbling tummies by forming a charitable collaboration with OzHarvest in Melbourne by donating 150 of our meals for distribution. To help us continue our support, for every order you place, we will donate another one of our meals.
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