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An Appetite for Stress-Free Meals: Cool Kidz' Mealz Interviews Mum of Three Cait Rowland.

Hey Everyone, meet Cait, Mum of the month of three and a Cool Kidz' Mealz devotee. We chat with Cait about her Cool Kidz' Mealz experience.


Hi Cait, tell me how you discovered Cool Kidz' Mealz?

 It happened by accident. There I was madly trying to wind up a business meeting with a client as the school pick-up was looming. Not only that, it was mid-week Wednesday chaos, the busiest afternoon in our household, with the kids sports, music and ballet lessons. What am I going to feed them?

My girlfriend had told me about Cool Kidz' Mealz  the week before, so at 11.00 p.m. that night after the chaos had subsided, I got on-line, checked it out, and twenty minutes later, I kid you not, I'd placed my first order for a weeks worth of meals. How did that ever happen? I swear I have never ever, in my life, bought ready-made meals for my kids (until now). My husband thought I was joking until I showed him the receipt, and I haven't regretted it. It's so cliched but the mental grind of planning and shopping for interesting and nutritious meals every single night is exhausting. It has felt nothing short of liberating to have lessened that mental load.

How does Cool Kidz' Mealz make life a little easier for you?

Our household has been in the routine of planning meals and shopping for the week for more than a decade and while I've never considered an alternative, it does take time and energy. Choosing meals, checking the pantry, writing the list, battling the supermarket, lugging everything inside, unpacking it all, and then, my fussy kids won't eat what I've cooked.

The delight in having the Cool Kidz' Mealz delivered to our door, that are varied, healthy and seriously tasty- has been immense. It also means that I don't have to prepare several different meals every night to cater to the adults dietary needs ( and taste bud delights), and the kids dietary needs. My joy has been almost evangelical about it: I've been recommending it to family and friends with abandon.

"You have to try it!"

"The food is sooooo good!"

"There is no waste!"

"You don't even have to think!!!"

Do you save money purchasing Cool Kidz' Mealz?

My rough calculations show we have spent less on groceries overall because there is no waste. The Cool Kidz' Mealz generously proportioned serving sizes means I feed my 12 y.o. one whole serving and split another meal between my 4 and 7 y.o. kids. 

Our trips to the supermarket have become quicker now they are mostly limited to the staples, milk, cereal, bread, fruit etc. and a weekend barbecue or roast have padded out the rest of the kids main meals. I can't really explain why we're spending so much less at the supermarket but we are. Perhaps it's because our supermarket list is shorter, there is less general perusing and impulse buying?

But cost-saving aside, the pertinent question I've been examining is whether a meal service is a luxury I am willing to pay a premium for. To be honest I'm struggling to conclude that there is anything more valuable than freeing up time and mental energy. Frankly anything that lessens the mental load, stops the meal-time dilemmas and wars, and saves me from traipsing around a supermarket on a Sunday afternoon feels pretty much priceless. Reader, I think I'm done. Hook, line and sinker. TRY IT!

Thanks Cait, LOL Cool Kidz' Mealz💕😎





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